Testimonials/ Success Stories

For nearly two decades, we have successfully serviced our partners with the People, Products and Performance that are essential to building their reputations and growing their business as witnessed by our clients.

Customer Testimonial: Hayley H.

Thank you, seriously the best customer service ever! I was so worried this was going to be a nightmare but you have made it painless. Do you have someone I can email to tell them how great you are? Thanks so much for your help!

– Hayley H.

Dealer Testimonial: Tuscaloosa Hyundai & Bama Buggies

I think very highly of your company and your people. I have never had a vendor in any capacity, bring so much expertise, enthusiasm, and value, to a partnership with my dealership. I’m convinced that you and your people really care about our success at Tuscaloosa Hyundai and our Bama Buggies dealerships. Cliff, Greg, and Chris are always professional and have already moved us to a higher level in sales and profitability. I’m looking forward to a long and prosperous relationship with your company for years to come.

– Barry B., Tuscaloosa Hyundai & Bama Buggies

Customer Testimonial: Francis K.

I recently had a claim under my Warranty Forever® policy. Just a short note to advise you that claim was processed professionally and in a timely fashion. Thanks to Mike, Ken and James.

– Francis K., a Warranty Forever® customer

Agency Testimonial

FYI, earlier I spoke with Phoenix. She is a Warranty Admin Manager for Thunder Harley-Davidson. She was looking for some information about our different Open Road Coverages. During our conversation, she was more than complimentary to our Claims team and in particular to Crista and James. Great job to these two, although this store does not currently write our Service Contracts, she insisted that we are by far the best administrator that she has ever worked with!!! Great job to you and your staff on delivering a 10!!!!

Customer Testimonial

I just received a call from a customer (Joseph B.) who requested to speak to Victoria because she was handling his claim. I advised him she was on her lunch break and if there was something I can help him with. Before I could assist him, the customer stated how wonderful and helpful Victoria was with the claim process. He mentioned twice during our conversation. He just wanted to know that Safelite had to reschedule his appointment. Then, again before ending the call he state how helpful Victoria was.

Agency Testimonial: TIVCO

I wanted to thank you and your team for another terrific meeting. The culture you have created is a comfort to me and I’m sure the other agents. It is nice to be a part of a company that strives to get it right. The knowledge of David N. and his team is refreshing and inspires me to be better. Thanks as always

– Ty H., TIVCO

Agency Testimonial: Holcomb & Associates

I wanted to take a moment to thank you and your entire team for the great training that you conducted last week. Each and every time we visit, you continue to impress me with your one-on-one focus with every life that you touch. The work that you do within your organization and the personal touch that you place on everyone you come into contact with is a testimony to your commitment to enriching the lives of others.

– Dean T., Holcomb & Associates