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NAE/NWAN can help you drive your career forward to the next level. Besides offering a great culture, a challenging work environment and all the great benefits received as being part of the NAE/NWAN family, we provide a competitive benefit package to our associates which includes affordable healthcare, flexible spending accounts, disability and life insurance, 401(k), 401(k) guaranteed benefit, paid time off, paid holidays, flexibility and more!


We are proud to say that in the past five years we have grown an average of 35% per year! We are very proud of our growth and attribute that success solely to the people we hire and our outstanding products. We know without the best people, that kind of growth would never be possible.

We offer a unique work environment, including massage days, company-wide Bingo events, holiday decorating contests, unique charitable fundraisers, and much more. We have ice cream and food trucks come to our facility for a change of pace and our state-of-the-art facility encompasses an onsite fitness center, foosball, ping pong, two 60” flat screen tv’s connected to cable, and a WiiU game system with futon style seating and a quiet lunch room for those who like to take their break in a quiet area.