Dealer Investment Advantage

Providing You Flexibility To Access Unearned Reserves Early and Often.

We have partnered with Imprise Insurance Co. to bring dealers the Dealer Investment Advantage (“DIA”) program. The DIA program allows reinsured dealers to borrow against unearned reserves early and often, allowing the ability to utilize the funds without taking a distribution or waiting for excess surplus.  The DIA program is available to financially-stable dealers with a minimum of 24 months loss experience in a vehicle service contract program to qualify.





After a dealer actively writes business in the DIA program, the dealer can take quarterly loans against unearned premium based on historical loss ratios.






All of our standard vehicle service contracts, limited warranties, and ancillary programs may be written in the DIA program.






All of the business written in the DIA program is backed by a nationally-recognized, A-rated insurance company to assure financial soundness.