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Take your vehicle to your dealership or a repair facility.


In the event of a breakdown, take the your vehicle to the dealer that sold you your agreement if at all possible. If not, contact us at 1.800.810.858 to make arrangements for service.

Obtain Authorization.


Prior to any repair or replacement being made, contact us to obtain authorization for the claim and a claim authorization number. If an emergency occurs which requires a repair to be made at a time when our office is closed and prior authorization for the repair cannot be obtained, contact us during normal business hours immediately following the emergency repair.

Authorize Teardown.


You may need to authorize the repair facility to diagnose the vehicle in order to determine the cause of the breakdown and what portions of the repair if any will not be covered.  You will be responsible for the cost of diagnosis if the breakdown is not covered under this service contract.  We reserve the right to inspect the vehicle before any repair is performed.

Submit Repair Order for Payment


Once authorization is obtained and the repair is completed, all repair orders and documentation must be submitted to the administrator along with the claim authorization number within 60 days.


Roadside Assistance.


In the event you need to roadside assistance, call the roadside assistance provider identified on your declaration page before using any services.


File a Claim





To transfer your agreement a completed transfer application and the transfer fee noted on your agreement must be submitted to NAE / NWAN within 30 days of a change of ownership along with the following documents:


  1. A notarized copy of the documentation showing a change of title and the mileage on the date of transfer.

  2. Proof of completed maintenance as recommended by the manufacturer.

  3. A copy of the completed form transferring the Manufacturer’s Warranty, if required by the manufacturer.




Please note: All available Manufacturer’s Warranties on the vehicle must be transferred to the same purchaser of the vehicle. Failure to transfer the Manufacturer’s Warranty can result in non-payment of a claim if the Manufacturer’s Warranty would normally have been in effect if the transfer had been made.



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Contact claims:

Auto claims: (833) 487-5446

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Portfolio One service contract:
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Portfolio Elite service contract:
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Encore service contract:
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RV claims: (833) 487-5447

Portfolio RV service contract: (833) 271-7452
Portfolio One RV service contract: (833) 487-5447


Auto or RV GAP, Theft, and Asset Protection:
(877) 705-4001

You may start a claim online by visiting our claims website.



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