Training & Education

NAE/NWAN Agents have access to our three-module continuing education program. We have put together a progressive program reminiscent of a team mountain climbing expedition. It begins with the foundations of BASECAMP, through the strength-building ASCENT, leading to a strong finish celebrating the SUMMIT.


 Basecamp will acclimate you to doing business with NAE/NWAN and give you a glimpse of our “secret sauce.” You will be shown around camp, meet our entire team, and learn the history of our company. The two-day course will introduce you to industry profit participation structures, the SOAR model, prospecting tools, and our flagship, non-competing, non-displacing Warranty Forever®. We look forward to beginning the journey with you. 

Click one of the dates below to register for one of our upcoming Basecamp trainings:

March 23-25, 2020

November 17-19, 2020


 The second module kicks-off with the successes you have had on your Ascent of “New Dealer Mountain.” Two specific tools that will be added to your tool chest: new dealer acquisition and the soft skills that it takes to identify different personalities. We will teach you about your Strengths, give you an Acquisition Model, and put it all to practice. You will leave these two days with a solid plan on how to acquire new business.

Click one of the dates below to register for one of our upcoming Ascent trainings:

April 21-23, 2020


 Summit is the peak of our current Agent Module offering. These 2.5 days are dedicated entirely to understanding the details of Profit Participation structures in the available in the marketplace. Put your knowledge to good use with case studies done as a group. You will leave with an understanding of these structures and where to go get answers from our own subject matter experts. 

Click one of the dates below to register for one of our upcoming Summit trainings:

August 18-20, 2020