Monday 02/04/2019

Essential Enhanced Service Contract – Providing Agents the Essentials to Help Grow Their Business


The independent agent landscape has never been more competitive. Today’s agents are in need of industry-leading products, with a competitive rates structure.  With this strategy in mind, National Automotive Experts went back to the drawing board and completely redesigned their Essential service contract platform to better meet the needs of their agents and dealers. 

Over 34 million pre-owned vehicles are sold every year, and many of them do not qualify for new car service contract rates and terms.  This leaves the dealer and customer little choice in how to best protect their vehicle purchase.  Just because a vehicle is older with slightly higher mileage, it doesn’t mean the customer shouldn’t have the opportunity to purchase a service contract from a premier service contract provider… Now they do!

After reviewing the products currently available for agents to offer dealers, it was apparent that there was no right solution available.  While numerous “inexpensive” contracts exist, the low cost often comes with minimal coverage, and in some cases, lower administration service.  Several “tier one” options are also available, but those options provide limited coverage and terms, and generally have greatly reduced eligibility.

Dealers want great contract administration, industry-leading coverage and terms, as well as competitive rates. They must be able to sell a profitable product that is approved for finance advance by major lenders.

National Automotive Experts is excited to introduce the all new Essential VSC platform.  The Essential VSC program was designed to provide the contract holder with world-class service, the dealer with confidence in a premier administration company backed by the largest insurer in the industry, and agents with a price-competitive program to prospect additional franchise and pre-owned dealers.

Agents can walk into any dealership across the country and have confidence with competitive rates supported by updated marketing materials and industry-leading coverage.

People. Products. Performance. The way it should be!